Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Village Life Easy English Essay

In villages, nature is always blooming like a newly opened flower. George Eliot wrote,"This is a place where all the artificial covering of life is stripped away and we are all one with each other in a simple moral needs. We can fine peace and quietude of mind in the real sense." Truly, villages are the serenely built little paradises which are ornamented by nature's hand. There is freshness in every small speck and ardour in each little moment. Although, lackage of industrial materials it has, yet, of naturality has been given generously.

Some one phenomenally said,"God made the country, man made the town." The life of a simple villager is full of artificiality and vanity. Have a gossip for a few hours, he will spread his wholeness in a nutshell. A villager is always tired, frustrated and exhausted due to hardworks. Yet, each and every villager has a deep love for toil and deeper love for the village itself.

English Easy Essay For All Class Students Village Life
Village Life Essay

He has no attachment for the colorful cars, paved roads, lofty skyscrapers, buzzing televisions, technological magics and other things, but solely responsible for his work. The purely commercial morality and business mentality is softening to make the clansfolk cruel, greedy and inhumanely behaved. In the real City world, the concept is: everything is money, everything is profit and everything is bargain.

On the split side, in a village, life is an embelm of simpleton, an epitome of unsophistication. In villages, everything is squeezed to oneness and every fallen is combined. A villager has no idea of how many things are going on in the moment he is ploughing his fields.

He thinks of only his resumed life in which he concerns to find the day's meal like does all other animals in this world. Even though, there is no proper education, health and safety, but still has some deep-rooted savvying of the modern era.

There is a bouldering difference in some decades before and now. There are bulky machines fixed for them and even though, the non-educated townsmen can control them better than men of the cities. Aged villagers recite verses from holy Quran every five times a day.

Remoteness in villagers has still not prevented the flowing flood of modernization. There are gigantic machines for their fulfillments of farmers in cities in case natural calamities attack. But when some disasters invade villages, hands are put up to praying to God for mercy. If, a famine spreads in villages, the yearly toil is wasted. In addition, the only one to spare them from hauntedness, is God.

Such calamities make the villagers god-fearing men. In almost all the villages, life is almost the same. Same similitude of life, differentiated by distance. There may be some nonidentical sorts of dialects or certain norms or routs but that is negligible. Tall, muscular and fitted villagers are hardworking, tough and gallant but tender at heart, humble, considerate and hospitable by nature.

Beforehand, work embarks, even before the aurora and oriented light, when the peasants moves to his acquaintances and fields with a tandem of steep working oxen after the big ball of sheen, the sun peeps before the embosomed mountains.

He takes his meagre breakfast and attends to his daily duties. His real and original wealth are his cattles, verdure and fields. He returns home bluntly, broken down by excessive work with his cattles behind.

Throughout the years, summer or winter, spring or fall, the work is there. He is semper busy at his fields. Whenever possible, have a look at a villager, you will never ever find him sitting idle.

He may be either sloughing his fields, sowing the seeds, watering the plants, in wedding or funerals, in festivals or carnivals, a farmer is always at his fields. The sole obstacle in a villager's life is that he gets no proper education, no health and no well-accepted attention.


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