Friday, 20 March 2020

Life In A Big City English Easy ESSAY

Cities are the major and most densely populated areas in a country. To put it, they are the center of both: pollution and solution. The  cities have experienced rapid population due to which, life is becoming tougher and much more expensive as days pass. Thus, the mountain touching crises and problems have caused the rise of many social decays.

Metropolitan civilians are involved in upgrading the obstacles that are having their lives go dullard. Down under the following passages, I will eloborate the enigmatic puzzlements that are mingling the lives in cities, the merit of living in the populous areas and the solutions to the upcoming challenges.

The highly overwhelming traffic on the roads is taking human lives in bulky figures. In each ticking minutes, people in cities endure the accidental deaths due to ruthless driving. In addition of deaths, many are losing their vehicles which were bought with extravagant price. Lackage of civic sense has brought the boulders to fall upon the citizens of metropolises.

English Essay For Every Class Life In A Big City
Life In Big City Essay

Every now and then, there are traffic jams, road punch-ups, accidents, uncleanliness and diminishing the public properties. As a result, the government is undergoing serious economical loses. In fact, it is because of uncivilized citizens, the country's progress is being chastised. Still, as the advance world is growing more crude, the citizens are much having issues that are both bewildering and insensitive.

In the same rythm and flow, the flood of modernization has matted the slum areas where poor labors live. As a fact, lives of poor men are jeopardizing. The remote areas, where nature is in its full bloom all the whiles, is being tarnished by the advancing issues from the cities. The rising concoct of cities and villages has caused both of city live and village life with problems. Suchlike, villagers, who are non-civilized, demolishe the rules and regulations of cities. So a paradoxical riddle has been told to which there is no replica.

Electrical break downs are frequenting which becomes a massive  hurdle in daily life. This is a transparent crescendo in for industries and professional that use electric machinery for their work. Shortage of water supply too is a cause of discomfort for metropolises.

The dirty water is intermixed with pure water which is consumed for drinking, as a matter of fact, is causing food poisoning. In addition, dirt and filth in the streets are having egregious ailments which have a connection with various diseases such as Dengue, malaria, to name a few. Filth and dirt runs down a channel by the foot path and children play over it.

The attitude of beggars, especially in Pakistan, is the most irritating matter. They are worthless idlers robbing good natured people. It has become a constant issue. The beggars come to the masses and collect hefty amounts by cheating naive civilians. The intense besiege of beggars is obtrusive in most cities of Pakistan.

Dearth of environmental care among the people and drivers of public vehicles are giving rouse to pollution. Dusty winds fill the sphere with fog. Sudden, deafening horns are blowing the atmosphere with disturbance. Airy pollution causes lung infections which are being emittered by factories and cars.

Major cities in Pakistan are usually subjected to terrorist activities. Bomb blasts and firings at public spots are resulting in great loss of human life. The terrorists deserve no less than capital punishment. It is the duty of police to investigate these activities.

So, it is on the shoulders of government to ensure the quality of city life. Although, fascinating the cities are, but home to fundamental drawbacks. Not the government solely is responsible, buy whole of citizens need to follow their Civic duties.


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