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Corona Virus English Essay Till 17 March 2019

Corona Virus, the toughest rival of humankind in present days, has reached it's most hostile summit on which it's killing the humans like flies. Pampering from it's womb, in Wuhan, a populous province of China, has now spread it's arms towards every nook and cranny of every continent. Full of novelty it is, it has been estimated that Corona Virus will take more than 10 million lives across the globe. To add, it is the most rapid kind of epidemic since the birth of human.

Corona Virus Essay What is World Situation Till 17 March 2020
Coronavirus English Essay

The world has somberly heard of 6485 deaths which are increasing in figure in each hour that passes. More than 1,67000 cases are reported of having such an enegmatic king of virus in more than 120 countries. It's not some kind of virus that becomes frail after a span of time, but it's such a deathly virus which has no antidote or panacea created from scientific research. On the other hand, 76,000 effected people were cured.

Rumors had it that this virus was born in China owing to the import of two animals: Beluga Whale and bats. From these two animals, a reeking aroma was mixed, causing the virus bewildering and antagonistic. This virus enters in humans as a cheap ailment flu, cough and then pneumonia which later causes the lung infection and then, death.

The most surmounted countries of Corona Virus are: China, Italy and Iran. In it's birthplace, China, the death toll has jumped to 3213 and effected cases to 80,860. In Italy, 1266 were preyed to death by this novel virus and 17,776 cases were reported. In world's third most victimized nation was Iran, where 724 deaths and 13,938 cases were recorded. It is recounted that approximately 70 people are dying in average daily.

Other countries, both developed and third worlds, are diseased. Corona has reached two third of the world's countries. Europe is the new epicenter of this pandemic virus. France recorded 120 deaths and 4499 upshoted en masses. United Kingdom chronicled 35 deaths and 1372 effected ones, Spain charted 292 deaths, German nation described 11 deaths and 5813 cases.

Other countries too related bulky figures of death rate and surmounted ones. In Iraq, 116 deaths and 116 people were found to have this deathly epidemic. United States recorded 63 deaths. Pakistan recited more than 79 cases of Corona Virus. 76 cases were reported in Sindh and both Punjab and Baluchistan recorded one case of containing virus. Khayber Pakhtunkwa was found to have it's hands clean of virus and one cases was appeared in Maqbooza Kashmir.

Corona Virus and The Black Death

The most famous such outbreak, the so-called Black Death, began in the 1330s, somewhere in east of central Asia, when the flea-dwelling bacterium Yersinia pestis started infecting humans bitten by the fleas.

From there, riding on an army of rats and fleas, the plague quickly spread all over Asia, Europe and
North Africa, taking less than twenty years to reach the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Between 75 million and 200 million people died – more than a quarter of the population of Eurasia.

In England, four out of ten people died, and the population dropped from a pre-plague high of 3.7 million people to a post - plague low of 2.2 million. The city of Florence lost 50,000 of its 100,000 inhabitants. Black Death, like Corona Virus, was due to a reeking odour.

It was due to pirates who across the globe without taking baths. Owing not to clean themselves, a sudden plague was generated. When the effected pirates came to the shore, the European citizens came for seeing them. Everybody came near, they hanged the pirates to death and eyed them. Thus, a great quantity got Black Plague and died.

Although, the pirates were drowned to the ocean alas, the fishermen caught fishes which, by the virus of those pirates spread all over the ocean, and by eating the fishes, eighty percent of the European population died and nearly 20 percent of the world's population at that epoch.

The Mayas in the Yucatán Peninsula believed that three evil gods – Ekpetz, Uzannkak and Sojakak – were flying from village to village at night, infecting people with the disease. The Aztecs blamed it on the gods Tezcatlipoca and Xipe, or perhaps on the black magic of the white people.

Priests and doctors were consulted. They advised prayers, cold baths, rubbing the body with bitumen and smearing squashed black beetles on the sores. Nothing helped. Tens of thousands of corpses lay rotting in the streets, without anyone daring to approach and bury them. Entire families perished within a few days, and the authorities ordered that the houses were to be collapsed on top of the bodies. In some settlements half the population died.

In September 1520 the plague had reached the Valley of Mexico, and in October it entered the gates of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan – a magnificent metropolis of 250,000 people. Within two months at least a third of the population perished, including the Aztec emperor Cuitláhuac. Whereas in March 1520, when the Spanish fleet arrived, Mexico was home to 22 million people, by December only 14 million were still alive. Smallpox was only the first blow.

While the new Spanish masters were busy enriching themselves and exploiting the natives, deadly waves of flu, measles and other infectious diseases struck Mexico one after the other, until in 1580 its population was down to less than million.

Other Viruses

The Black Death was not a singular event, nor even the worst plague in history. More disastrous epidemics struck America, Australia and the Pacific Islands following the arrival of the first Europeans. Unbeknown to the explorers and settlers, they brought with them new infectious diseases against which the natives had no immunity. Up to 90 per cent of the local populations died as a result.

On 5 March 1520 a small Spanish flotilla left the island of Cuba on its way to Mexico. The ships carried 900 Spanish soldiers along with horses, firearms and a few African slaves. One of the slaves, Francisco de Eguía, carried on his person a far deadlier cargo. Francisco didn’t know it, but somewhere among his trillionsof cells a biological time bomb was ticking: the smallpox virus.

After Francisco landed in Mexico the virus began to multiply exponentially within his body, eventually bursting out all over his skin in a terrible rash. The feverish Francisco was taken to bed in the house of a Native American family in the town of Cempoallan. He infected the family members, who infected the neighbours.

Within ten days Cempoallan became a graveyard. Refugees spread the diseasefrom Cempoallan to the nearby towns. As town after town succumbed to the plague, new waves of terrified refugees carried the disease throughout Mexicoand beyond.


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