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12th Class Biology Punjab Federal Board MCQs with Answers

If you are looking for 12th Class Biology Objective Type Question Answers here you are on right page. You will learn on this website Biology question answers chapter wise notes. All of these MCQs are helpful for MDCAT and other Medical Entry Test Preparations. Mostly In MCAT and MDCAT Veterinary Exams Biology From Intermediate level question answers asked in Papers. So, learn these MCQs Notes for Jobs interviews tests.

12th Grade Objective Type MCQs With Answers Chapter Wise Notes
Biology MCQs List

12th Class Biology MCQs With Answers List

Q.1: The fossil fuels are ?
  1. Coal
  2. Oil
  3. Gas
  4. All a,b and c
Q.2: The number of human spinal nerves is ?
  1. 24
  2. 50
  3. 62
  4. 64
Q.3: If all members of a population are homozygous for the same allele that allele is said to be ?
  1. Multiple allele
  2. Jumping gene
  3. Fixed in the gene
  4. Perfect gene
Q.4: What would be expected to happen if all the nitrogen-fixing organisms ceased to exist ?
  1. There would be no significant change in number of animals
  2. The total number of biomass would be reduced
  3. All organisms would die out
  4. The nitrogen level of the atmosphere would be increase
Q.5: Bats and humming bird are called ?
  1. Heterotherms
  2. Ectotherms
  3. Endotherms
  4. poikilotherms
Q.6: A pesticide is a chemical which destroys agricultural ?
  1. Pests
  2. Competitors
  3. Crops
  4. Both a And b
Q.7: Imprinting is best known in birds such as ?
  1. Geese
  2. Ducks
  3. Chickens
  4. All a,b,and c
Q.8: Which one of the fllowing acts as a stop codon ?
  1. UGG
  2. UGC
  3. UAG
  4. UGU
Q.9: Which one is Tall grass ?
  1. Andropogon
  2. Panicum
  3. Both a And b
  4. Stipa
Q.10: In nature P 730 to P 660 conversion occurs in the ?
  1. Day
  2. Dark
  3. Evening
  4. Dawn
Q.11: At cytokinesis in plants a membrane structure phragmoplast is formed from vesicles which originate from ?
  1. Lysosomes
  2. Centrioles
  3. Golgi complex
  4. Glyoxisomes
Q.12: The remodeling of bone is a function of which cells ?
  1. Chondrocytes and asteocytes
  2. Osteoblasts and osteoclasts
  3. Chondroblasts and osteoclasts
  4. Chondroblasts and osteocytes
Q.13: The decline in thickness of the ozone layer is caused by increasing level of ?
  1. Chlorofluorocarbon
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Chlorine
  4. Carbon dioxide
Q.14: If an mRNA is synthesized with the differnt codons, what is the minimum number of amino acids in the protein that is formed by the mRNA ?
  1. 64 Amino acids
  2. 62 Amino acids
  3. 60 Amino acids
  4. None of them
Q.15: In addition to auxin which hormone also play important role in apical domince ?
  1. Abcesic acid
  2. Gibberellins
  3. 2,4-D
  4. Cytokinins
Q.16: Genes that code for therapeutic and diagnostic proteins are incorporated into the animal's DNA and the proteins appear in the animal's ?
  1. Urine
  2. Blood
  3. Sweat
  4. Milk
Q.17: The number of linkage group in man is ?
  1. 02
  2. 23
  3. 46
  4. 92
Q.18: Air is being polluted rapidly due to ?
  1. Industrialization
  2. Automobiles
  3. Sewage
  4. Both a And b
Q.19: The parts of the body used extensively to cope with the environment become larger and stronger while those that are not used deteriorate was argued by ?
  1. Charles Drawin
  2. Alfred Wallace
  3. Carolus Linnaeus
  4. J.B Lamarck
Q.20: At the time of independence in 1947 the population of pakistan was ?
  1. 10 m
  2. 20 m
  3. 25.7 m
  4. 32.5 m
Q.21: A form of air pollution in which airbone acids produced by electric utility plants and other sources fall to Earth in distant regions is ?
  1. Acid rain
  2. Basic rain
  3. Heavy rain
  4. Drizzling
Q.22: Oxytocin is secreted by the endocrine gland named ?
  1. Pituitary gland
  2. Thyroid gland
  3. Parathyroid gland
  4. Adrenal gland
Q.23: Effect of photoperiodism was first studied in 1920 by ?
  1. Darwin And Francis
  2. Garner And Allard
  3. Linnaeus And Lamarck
  4. Walson And Crick
Q.24: The uterine layer which is shed with each monthly cycle is ?
  1. Endometrium
  2. Perimetrium
  3. Tunica albuginea
  4. Myometrium
Q.25: PastYourQuestionWhich statement defines the net primary production in an ecosystem over a given time periodHere ?
  1. The total amount of organic matter in the plants in excess of that used in respiration
  2. The total amount of organic matter used in respiration by all the organisms present
  3. The total amount of photosynthesis product from all plants
  4. The total amount of organic matter in all organisms present

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