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12th Class Biology Past Papers MCQs With Answers

If you are looking to search for past papers Objective type question answers of Biology MCQs Here you are on right page. 2nd Year Old Papers Biology MCQs with solved answers MCQs are here. You will learn solved questions with answers of Biology all chapters MCQs List.

2nd Year Biology Question Answers MCQs For Upcoming Exams Preparations
Biology Past Papers MCQs

2nd Year Objective Type Biology MCQs With Answers

Q.1: ---------regulates the kidney's retention of water ?
  1. Prolactin
  2. Oxytocin
  3. Thyroxin
  4. Vasopressin (ADN)
Q.2: In humans ,MSH(melanocyte-stimulating hormone) -------------- ?
  1. Regulates primary skin color
  2. Causes the thyroid to produce thyroxin
  3. Governs the rate of tarming
  4. Concentration is very low.
Q.3: In the eighteenth century organisms were classified by ?
  1. Charles Darwin
  2. Alfred Wallace
  3. Carolus Linnaeus
  4. J.B Lamarck
Q.4: An animal that worms itself mainly by absorping from its surroundings is known as ?
  1. Homoiotherm
  2. Ectotherm
  3. Endotherm
  4. None of these
Q.5: The kinetochore fibres of spindle attach to the kinetochore region of chromosome and align them at the equator of the spindle forming ?
  1. Equatorial plate
  2. Metaphase plate
  3. Central plate
  4. Both a And b
Q.6: The wall of trachea(windpipe) and bronchi of man is fernished with a series of incomplete ?
  1. Cartilagenous plates
  2. Chitinous rings
  3. Cartilaginous rings
  4. Muscular rings
Q.7: In 1944 Oswald Avery along with Colin Macleod and Maclyn McCarty repeated experiments of ?
  1. Lamarck
  2. Griffith
  3. Darwin
  4. Spemann
Q.8: Among the birds Drawin collected 13 types of ?
  1. Finshes
  2. Robins
  3. Ferrets
  4. Pterodactyls
Q.9: The study of hman populations and things that affect them is called ?
  1. Angiography
  2. Demography
  3. Mammography
  4. Homography
Q.10: External genitalia of human male consist of a pair of testes which lie outside the body in the sac like ?
  1. Pouch
  2. Marsupium
  3. Scrotum
  4. Bag
Q.11: Evolutionary relationships among species are reflected in their ?
  1. DNA and proteins
  2. Emigration
  3. Immigration
  4. Inheritance
Q.12: Trial and error learning has no role in ?
  1. Operant learning
  2. Classical conditioning
  3. Insight
  4. Imprinting
Q.13: A clear picture of the genetic basis of sex determination emerged after the discovery of ?
  1. Autosomes
  2. X chromosomes
  3. Sex chromosomes
  4. Y chromosomes
Q.14: Histones are positively charged due to an abundance of the basic amino acids ?
  1. Arginine
  2. Lysine
  3. Both a And c
  4. Alanine
Q.15: DNA changes are called mutations and the organisms that have undergone such changes are called ?
  1. Wild types
  2. Changer
  3. Mutants
  4. Transmutants
Q.16: Myoglobin has a special function in muscle tissue ?
  1. It breaks down glycogen
  2. It is a contractile protein
  3. It holds a reserve supply of oxygen in the muscle
  4. None of these
Q.17: In human only one ovum is usually discharged from the ovary at one time this phenomenon is ?
  1. Ovulation
  2. Menstruation
  3. Oestrous
  4. Apomixes
Q.18: Germ cells in the ovary produce many ?
  1. Spermatogonia
  2. Zoospores
  3. Zygospores
  4. Oogonia
Q.19: A natural process in which surface soil is removed by the action of water or wind is ?
  1. Corrosion
  2. Attrition
  3. Erosion
  4. Weathering
Q.20: First essential phenomenon of meiosis i.e pairing of homologous Chromosomes called synapsis ?
  1. Leptotene
  2. Zygotene
  3. Pachytene
  4. Diplotene
Q.21: Some dominant trees of temperate deciduous forests are ?
  1. Taxus baccata
  2. Pinus wallichiana
  3. Berberis lyceum
  4. Both a,b and c
Q.22: Buoyancy in the water is maintained by a specialized structure in bony fish called ?
  1. Fins
  2. Swim bladder
  3. Tail
  4. Both a And c
Q.23: Armadillos the armoured mammals live only in the ?
  1. Africa
  2. America
  3. Europe
  4. Asia
Q.24: The addrenaline cortex produces ------ ?
  1. Adrenaline
  2. Calcitonin
  3. Epinephrine
  4. Aldosterone
Q.25: Why is there no glucose present in the filterate in the distal tubule of a nephron ?
  1. Its molecules are two large to pass across the base ment membrane
  2. It is removed by osmosis from the tubule
  3. It is positively absorp by the cells lining the descending loop of henie
  4. He is actively absorb by hte proximal tubule cells

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