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12th Class Biology Objective Type MCQs Quiz Tests

Solved multiple choice Question Answers for upcoming jobs tests and exams Preparations. Learn here 2nd Year MCQs with answers of Punjab, Federal and KPK Boards solved MCQs with answers. These MCQs are also helpful for MDCAT, MCAT exams and entry tests Preparations. All of these Question Answers are also helpful for biology Viva and interviews Preparation.

Objective Type Punjab Federal Boards MCQs For 2nd Year
Biology 2nd Year MCQs Notes

2nd Year Biology Question Answers MCQs Quiz List Online

Q.1: In chordates the healing of fracture and repair of a skin wound are some other examples of ?
  1. Reformation
  2. Regeneration
  3. Rejuvenation
  4. Renaissance
Q.2: The outer layer of the blastocyst which laterattaches tothe uterus is ?
  1. Deciduas
  2. Trophoblast
  3. Ammion
  4. Inner cell mass
Q.3: Human appendix, coccyx and nictiating membrane of the eye are ?
  1. Vestigical organs
  2. Homologous organs
  3. Analogous organs
  4. Embroyonic organs
Q.4: From Hensen's node,dorsal mesoderm is formed and is organized into ?
  1. Segments
  2. Fragments
  3. Somitcs
  4. Remains
Q.5: A man bolld group A marries a women of blood goroup B and they have one child. Which one of the following statements abo ut the child's blood is correct ?
  1. It could be group A only
  2. It could be group AB only
  3. It could be group A or Group B only
  4. It could be any of the groups A,B,AB, O
Q.6: In myelinated neurons the impulse jumps from node to node (node of Ranvier) This is called ?
  1. Myelinated impulse
  2. Jumping impulse
  3. Saltatory impulse
  4. None of these
Q.7: The interaction between different genes occupying different loci is ?
  1. Pleiotropy
  2. Epistasis
  3. Bombay phenotype
  4. Linkage
Q.8: Adult transgenic tobacco plants glowed when sprayed with the substrate ?
  1. Luciferon
  2. Luciferin
  3. Luciferol
  4. Luciferase
Q.9: In amoeba movement takes place by means of ?
  1. Cilium
  2. Flageilum
  3. Pseudopodium
  4. Myonemes
Q.10: A hurdened outer surface to which internal muscles can be attached is ?
  1. Endoskeleton
  2. Hydrostatic skeleton
  3. Exoskeleton
  4. Axial skeleton
Q.11: The funnction of the tubules in muscle contraction is to ?
  1. Make and store glycogen
  2. Release Ca into the cell interior and then pick it up again
  3. Make the action potential deep into the muscle cells:
  4. To hamper the nerve impulse
Q.12: Okazaki fragments are about 1000 - 2000 nucleotides long in ?
  1. Prokaryotes
  2. Eukaryotes
  3. Both a And b
  4. None of these
Q.13: Pinus wallichiana pinus roxbugil Abies pindrow picea smithiana Cederous deodara are plants of ?
  1. Coniferous alpine and boreal forests
  2. Temperate deciduous forests
  3. Tropical rain forests
  4. Grassland ecosystem
Q.14: The pairing of homologous chromosomes is completed in ?
  1. Leptotene
  2. Zygotene
  3. Pachytene
  4. Diplotene
Q.15: Which prosess is characterized by movement and rearrangement of cells in the embryo ?
  1. Blastulation
  2. None of these
  3. Neurulation
  4. Gastrulation
Q.16: Long-day plants will flower in short days if the interrupted period is ?
  1. Long night
  2. Short Night
  3. Long day
  4. Short day
Q.17: Abscisic acid can be sprayed on tee crops to regulate ?
  1. Leaf drop
  2. Shoot drop
  3. Cone drop
  4. Fruit drop
Q.18: German botanist Gottlieb Haberlandi said in 1902 that plant cells are ?
  1. Totipotent
  2. Potent
  3. Totipersausive
  4. Totistrong
Q.19: It is estimated that human genome could take an encyclopaedia of 200 volumes each with ?
  1. 10 pages
  2. 100 pages
  3. 1000 pages
  4. 10,000 pages
Q.20: Frogs and toads also walk and hop on land due to strong ?
  1. Forelimbs
  2. Hindlimbs
  3. Trunk
  4. Head
Q.21: Bolld group B phenotype contains anti-A antiboides in the serum and agglutinates any RBC with antigen ?
  1. AB
  2. O
  3. A
  4. B
Q.22: What does not happen during inspiration in man ?
  1. Intercoatals musles contract
  2. Ribs are elevated
  3. Diphragm becomedome- shaped
  4. Ribs move forwards
Q.23: Downs syndrome (Mongolism) occurs in man during which chromosome falls to segregate resulting gamete with ?
  1. 20 chromosomes
  2. 21 chromosomes
  3. 22 chromosomes
  4. 24 chromosomes
Q.24: A callus is an undifferentiated group of ?
  1. Cells
  2. Tissues
  3. Organs
  4. Systems
Q.25: The disorder in which bones are porous and thin but bone composition normal is ?
  1. Osteomalacia
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Rickets
  4. Arthritis

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