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Visual Basic Solved MCQs Quiz Test

Visual Basic is a computer desktop language for developing and designing desktop applications. This language is a helpful for develope desktop softwares for the computer systems. If you are looking to prepared online with solved question answers of Visual Basic you are on the right page. Objective Type and Short Question answers type Visual Basic Question Answers learn here. Learn here for computer language tests of PPSC Jobs exams interviews Preparations here.

Question Answers Visual Basic MCQs With Answers
Visual Basic MCQs Quiz Test

Solved Visual Basic Objective Type MCQs

Q.1: Which of the following is not a method of Debug class ?

  1. All of above
  2. Flush( )
  3. Open( )
  4. Assert( )


Q.2: COMException class is a part of ------ ?

  1. All of them
  2. System.XML
  3. System. Data
  4. System.Runtime.Interopservices


Q.3: Which of the following namespaces is used to access computer name and its IP address in VB.NET ?

  1. System.Data.Common
  2. System.Diagnostics.Process
  3. None of the Above
  4. System.NET.DNS


Q.4: If no access modifier is specified for a class, it is considered -------- ?

  1. Friend
  2. Public
  3. Private
  4. Protected


Q.5: Which of the following control doesn't receive the focus and doesn't have a TabIndex property ?

  1. LablControl
  2. TabControl control
  3. PictureBox
  4. ListBox


Q.6: Which of the following information is contained in the assembly manifest ?

  1. Files
  2. Security Permissions
  3. All of the above
  4. Identity


Q.7: Which of the following object is used by the DataAdapter to retrieve the data from database ?

  1. DataReader
  2. Command
  3. Connection
  4. All of These


Q.8: ----- is used to step through each line of code as it executes, including calls to other function ?

  1. Step Over
  2. Step Out
  3. Step Into
  4. Run to Cursor


Q.9: ------ protects system resources from unauthorized calls ?

  1. Code-based security
  2. Role-based security


Q.10: The methods declared with the following modifiers are not accessible out side the current VB.NET project ?

  1. None of these
  2. Protected
  3. Friend
  4. Public


Q.11: Default properties are always a parameterized property ?

  1. False
  2. True


Q.12: Which of the following namespace provides support for obtaining information and dynamic creation of types at runtime ?

  1. System.Reflection
  2. System.Data
  3. System.ComponentModel
  4. System.IO


Q.13: Which of the following is the best to retrieve Read-Only, Forward-only stream of data from database ?

  1. DataReader
  2. Data Set
  3. Typed Data Set
  4. None of them


Q.14: Any project that compiles to an EXE or DLL files produces an assembly in .NET ?

  1. True
  2. False


Q.15: Choose the statement about a delegate in VB.NET ?

  1. It is a type-safe function pointer
  2. Delegates are used to create associations between events and event handlers in VB.NET
  3. A delegate is a strongly type function pointer
  4. All of the above statements are for a delegate


Q.16: Which of the following is not the member of System.Collections ?

  1. Stack
  2. BitArray
  3. Queue
  4. Enum


Q.17: How do you limit implicit type conversion in VB.NET ?

  1. Option Strict=1
  2. Option Strict off
  3. Option Strict On
  4. Options Strict True


Q.18: Which of the following control can contain other controls ?

  1. GroupBox
  2. TabPage
  3. Panel
  4. All of the above


Q.19: Is the Class type in VB.NET a value type ?

  1. No
  2. Yes


Q.20: Which of the following is not true for Shared members ?

  1. Shared members belong to the type but not to any instance of a type
  2. They can be accessed using the type name
  3. They can be accessed without creating an instance of the type.
  4. They are accessed using instance name



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