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Tally ERP MCQs Online Quiz Test Preparation

If you are looking to Prepared Multiple Choice Objective Type MCQs of Tally ERP then you are on right page. Here you will learn solved Objective Type Quiz Tests of Tally ERP With Solved Answers. The following quiz contains mcqs questions related to the Tally ERP software. Below the each question, you will be shown multiple  choices out of which you need to select the answer. This is a really fun and easy method of improving your general knowledge about this commonly used ERP system. Learn these Objective Type Quiz Test with helpful answers for learning MCQs.

Objective Type Tally ERP MCQs With Question Answers List
Tally ERP MCQs Online Quiz Test

Tally ERP Quiz Online Test MCQs Questions With Answers

Q.1: In case of personal accounts the receiver is ?
  1. Debit
  2. Both
  3. Credit
  4. Balance entered in voucher
Q.2: -----is beginning date of financial year ?
  1. 1st January
  2. 1st March
  3. 1st February
  4. 1st April
Q.3: Closing stock appears in ------------ ?
  1. Trial Balance
  2. None of the above
  3. Profit & loss A/C
  4. Balance Sheet
Q.4: Limit on single payments is available for--------- ?
  1. Only ledger Accounts
  2. Only Groups
  3. Group& Ledger
  4. None of the above
Q.5: Sales purchase A/C groups are reflected in -------- ?
  1. None if the above
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Profit & loss A/C
  4. Journal Register
Q.6: Journal book is used to ?
  1. Entries regarding general transactions
  2. To records all the non-cash transactions only
  3. Records all the entries
  4. All sale and purchase records
Q.7: System of traversing form Balance sheet to voucher permitting to view al the ?
  1. Special situation
  2. None of the above
  3. Audit trail
  4. Tracking
Q.8: ---------is a Reserved group which goes to liabilities ?
  1. Sundry deb
  2. Fixed Asset
  3. Investment
  4. Capital A/C
Q.9: Which financial statement can be made from Trial balance ?
  1. Purchases
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Ledger
  4. Sales
Q.10: Tracking number is used in -------- transaction ?
  1. Stock item
  2. All
  3. Cash
  4. Bank
Q.11: Under Group ----------- can be created ?
  1. Vouchers
  2. All above
  3. Date
  4. Multiple Ledgers
Q.12: Reports come under exception reports ?
  1. Negative stock
  2. Memorandum Vouchers
  3. All above
  4. Optional Vouchers
Q.13: Which of the following information is must to create a company ?
  1. Name of the company & Financial year
  2. Name of the company & Income Tax No
  3. Name of the company & Sales Tax No
  4. All Above
Q.14: Tally is ?
  1. Package, which maintains accounts only
  2. Which maintains accounts with inventory records
  3. Which display the detail report trial balance, balance sheet etc
  4. All Of Above
Q.15: All expenses and losses always having ?
  1. Exact difference balance
  2. Debit balance
  3. Credit balance
  4. Balance entered in voucher
Q.16: Trial Balance contains ----------- balance of all accounts ?
  1. Closing
  2. None
  3. Opening
  4. Only credit
Q.17: In tally 5.4 ------------- option is available for maintaining Accounts ?
  1. Account only
  2. Inventory only
  3. All are
  4. Accts-with-Inv
Q.18: --------- is the function key for changing date ?
  1. F3
  2. F4
  3. F2
  4. F1
Q.19: Rates & Taxes comes under ------------ Groups ?
  1. None
  2. Income
  3. Duties &Taxes
  4. Expenditure
Q.20: Balance sheet display ?
  1. Entire summary of the all ledger accounts
  2. Balances of all individual account
  3. Bank and cash Balances
  4. Exact financial position of the business on specific date
Q.21: Alias is --------- ?
  1. Type of Group
  2. To change group name
  3. Type of Ledger
  4. Simple mechanism to call an account by another name
Q.22: Manufacturing expenses comes under----------- Group ?
  1. Direct Expenses
  2. None
  3. Miss Expenses
  4. Expenses (Indirect)
Q.23: Term loans & other medium /long -term loans comes under ----------Group ?
  1. Unsecured Loan
  2. Secured Loan
  3. Loans & Advances
  4. Current liability
Q.24: Which of the following is not a account type ?
  1. Real Accounts
  2. Occasional account
  3. Nominal account
  4. Personal Accounts
Q.25: Cash in hand & bank A./C balance helps for------- ?
  1. Inventory control
  2. Payment Decision
  3. Sales performance
  4. None


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