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Computer Shortcuts Keys Solved MCQs Quiz Test

PPSC Important Past Papers Multiple Choice Question Answers. Computer Significant Shortcuts Keys of Computer Keyboard Quiz Online Mcqs Test Preparations. Learn Here we have given a free online test about the significant easy route keys of PC console. Learn these Significant Shortcuts Keys of Computer Keyboard Quiz Online Mcqs Test with multiple Choice Objective Type Question Answers.

Multiple Choice Objective Type MCQs About Computer Related Past Papers
Computer Shortcuts Keys Objective Type Quiz Test

If anyone who want to know about the computer simple Keys and Abbreviations of Computer Items can easily learn these MCQs with solved answers. All of these important Objective type general Knowledge MCQs of Computer are helpful for understanding of PC Important Abbreviations Quiz Online Mcqs Test.

Solved MCQs About Computer Shortcut Keys And Abbrivations

Q.1: In which purpose we use the Ctrl + N key in computer system ?
  1. Next File
  2. Next Window
  3. Next Program
  4. Create a new
Q.2: The Short Cut Ctrl + A is use for ?
  1. Select all File
  2. Select all text
  3. Select all Folder
  4. Select all
Q.3: Which key to use for Rename a File or Folder ?
  1. Alt+R
  2. Ctrl+R
  3. F3
  4. F2
Q.4: Why we use Alt + E key on keyboard ?
  1. Enter Options
  2. Escape Options
  3. Edit options
  4. Extract Options
Q.5: What does a microporgram (is sequencer) perform the operation ?
  1. Read and Execute
  2. Execute
  3. Read
  4. Write
Q.6: Which of the following interrupts are initiated by an I/O drive ?
  1. None of above
  2. External
  3. Internal
  4. Software
Q.7: Pipelining is also know as ?
  1. Program decoding
  2. Instruction prefetch
  3. Instruction execution
  4. Instruction manipulation
Q.8: Which of the following function is not performed by CPU ?
  1. To execute instructions
  2. Logic operation
  3. Arithmetic operation
  4. Data display
Q.9: Ctrl + I Shortcut use in Computer for ?
  1. Change text in particle illusion
  2. Selected text to be in Italics
  3. Change selected text to be in elite
  4. Change selected text to be in Italics
Q.10: Ctrl + O use in Computer for which purpose ?
  1. Extract a File
  2. Open Option
  3. Edit a File
  4. Open a file
Q.11: Why we use the F1 Key on Keyboard ?
  1. Start Window
  2. Start Universal Program
  3. Open new Program
  4. Universal Help
Q.12: Ctrl + B Shortcut use in computer for ?
  1. selected text to be Bold
  2. selected text to be Blow
  3. selected text Border
  4. None of Them
Q.13: A computer adds and compares data in ?
  1. Monitor
  2. Key Boards
  3. Memory chip
  4. CPU chip
Q.14: MP 8085 can address how many location ?
  1. 11M
  2. 128K
  3. 132K
  4. 640K
Q.15: A time sharing system involve ?
  1. All of above
  2. More than one processor
  3. More than one program in memory
  4. More than one memory in the system
Q.16: The decision making capabilities provided by branch logic in the control unit is called ?
  1. Unconditional transfer
  2. Controller transfer
  3. Procedural transfer
  4. All of above
Q.17: F5 key use for the purpose of ?
  1. Refresh Window
  2. Rename
  3. Refresh Program
  4. Edit File Name
Q.18: We use the Ctrl + C shortcut key for ?
  1. Clear selected item.
  2. Copy selected item
  3. Cut selected item.
  4. Close selected item.
Q.19: A register which is used to keep track of address of the memory location ?
  1. Instruction Register
  2. Program Register/Program Counter
  3. Data Register
  4. Address Register
Q.20: A microcomputer system have ?
  1. Memory
  2. Peripheral Equipment
  3. Microprocessor
  4. All of above
Q.21: An Interrupt which is started by an instruction is called ?
  1. Software
  2. Output
  3. Internal
  4. Hardware
Q.22: All computers processors must have ?
  1. Control unit
  2. Memory unit
  3. All of above
  4. ALU
Q.23: CPU employs which type of technique most commonly ?
  1. Direct
  2. Register
  3. Immediate
  4. All of the above
Q.24: Pipeline performs ?
  1. Fetch instruction
  2. Decode instruction
  3. All of above
  4. Fetch operand
Q.25: Why we use Alt + F keys on keyboard ?
  1. Force Fully Close
  2. File menu options
  3. Create File
  4. Find (Search)
Q.26: We use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + S for what ?
  1. Stop
  2. Play
  3. Start File
  4. Save Current File
Q.27: Ctrl + X is the Shortcut key to ?
  1. Delete a File
  2. Cut a File
  3. Paste a File
  4. Copy a File
Q.28: Why we use the Alt + Tab Keys on keyboard ?
  1. Switch to open old programs
  2. Switch between open programs
  3. Switch to Close programs
  4. Switch to open New programs
Q.29: A group of 8 bits is known as ?
  1. Record
  2. Byte
  3. Document
  4. File
Q.30: Shift + Del the Shortcut use for ?
  1. Develop a File
  2. Permanent Delete a File
  3. Deliver a File
  4. Delete a File


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