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Adobe Flash Quiz Online MCQs Quiz Test

Adobe Flash software is used for developing mobile applications, animations, mobile games, audio and video streaming, desktop applications and rich internet applications. All these things can be viewed by the end-user through Adobe Flash Player.

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Adobe Flash MCQs Quiz Test

To check that how much you know about the software, simply attempt the following quiz that contains mcqs questions related to it usage and functions.Adobe Flash Quiz Online Test Mcqs Questions with Answers Objective Type PDF Notes are also provided by Solve MCQs For Exams/Tests Preparations.

Adobe Flash Computer Jobs MCQs Quiz Test Online

Solved Question Answers Adobe Flash For Computer Jobs

Q.1: What part of the menu bar allows you to hide/unhide panels ?

  1. Edit
  2. View
  3. Window
  4. None of the above


Q.2: This action allows you to save the object in the library panel for future use ?

  1. Convert to text
  2. Exporting
  3. Importing
  4. Convert to Symbol


Q.3: The Windows> N Entire Stage makes the ----------- ?

  1. Object fill the entire stage
  2. Object fill the entire screen
  3. Object fill another object
  4. Object
  5. n with another object


Q.4: The brush option that paints behind the object on the stage ?

  1. Paint Normal
  2. Paint Behind
  3. Paint Inside
  4. Paint Selection


Q.5: The last step in production. It is done to verify if you have met the goals of the project ?

  1. Action Scripting
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Adding sound
  4. Refining


Q.6: A powerful tool in flash that allows you to have greater control when creating lines ?

  1. Pen Tool
  2. Line Tool
  3. Powerline
  4. Powertool


Q.7: What does the abbreviation, FPS means ?

  1. Flick Per Scene
  2. Frames Per Scene
  3. Frames Per Second
  4. Flick Per Second


Q.8: This is the shortcut key for adding a key frame ?

  1. .ASF File
  2. .FLA
  3. .Doc File
  4. .FLV File


Q.9: These are frames that are signaficant. It is the basis for tweened animation ?

  1. None of the above
  2. Master Frame
  3. Keyframes
  4. Special Frames


Q.10: The tool that creates a rectangle, which you can customize the sides ?

  1. Rectangle primitive tool
  2. Rectangle tool
  3. Oval tool
  4. Square tool


Q.11: To start Adobe Flash, Click on Start>------>Adobe Flash ?

  1. Open
  2. Adobe Collection
  3. All Programs
  4. Run


Q.12: By default, this panel is located below the flash environment ?

  1. All of the above
  2. Layers Panel
  3. Library Panel
  4. Property Inspector Panel


Q.13: This tool allows you to modify the gradient in three ways ?

  1. Merge Drawing
  2. Object Drawing
  3. Gradient Transform Tool
  4. Flash Tool


Q.14: This tools allows you to scale, rotate and skew objects in the flash stage ?

  1. Object tool
  2. Free Transform tool
  3. Free Convert Tool
  4. Merge Tool


Q.15: This area in Flash is similar to the clipboard in Microsoft Office applications ?

  1. Layers Panel
  2. Dashboard
  3. Property Inspector
  4. Library Panel



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