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Information Technology MCQs Quiz Test

Hello students here you will learn important solved MCQs with answers Information Technology online quiz tests. All of these Objective type MCQs are related to  information Technology releated General Knowledge question answers. All of these MCQs are helpful for upcoming jobs tests just like PPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS OTS, PTS in all over the Paksitan and Punjab, KPK, Balochista, and Sindh jobs also.

Solved MCQs With Answers Information Technology Quiz Test
Information Technonlogy MCQs Quiz Tests

These MCQs Objective Type Questions are helpful for the jobs interviews of computer operators, Data Entry operator jobs and other computer related and general knowledge type quiz tests.

Computer Scinece IT MCQs Quiz Jobs Test

Solved MCQs About Information Technology

Q.1: Which company first developed the Java programming language ?

  1. Sun Microsystems
  2. Microsoft
  3. Google
  4. IBM


Q.2: What is the binary value of A ?

  1. 11000001
  2. 01100001
  3. 01000001
  4. 01000100


Q.3: TClosehe example of problem oriented language is ?

  1. PL/I
  2. All of these
  4. BASIC


Q.4: A group of 8 bits is called ?

  1. Byte
  2. Record
  3. Document
  4. File


Q.5: What is the full form of PDF ?

  1. Printed Document Format
  2. Public Document Format
  3. Published Document Format
  4. Portable Document Format


Q.6: The key combination used to permanently delete a file from Windows computer ?

  1. Shift + delete
  2. Delete
  3. Alt + delete
  4. Ctrl + delete


Q.7: The extension type of an MS Excel 2007 file is ?

  1. .xls
  2. .xsl
  3. .xlx
  4. .xlsx


Q.8: Which key combination is used to minimize all open widows on the screen ?

  1. Alt + M
  2. Ctrl + D
  3. Windows Key + D
  4. Shift + M


Q.9: Which of the following data structure is linear ?

  1. Graph
  2. Array
  3. Tree
  4. All of these


Q.10: A folder in windows computer can't be made with the name ?

  1. Con
  2. Make
  3. Mak
  4. Can



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