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Pedagogy Solved MCQs For Educators Test

All teaching strategies in higher education of pedagogical system. Here i am sharing important solved define teaching pedagogy with solved answers. Pedagogy of school subject with pedagogical theory and contemporary educational practice test.

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Pedagogy Solved MCQs For Educators

All teaching pedagogy and education work education as a tool of pedagogy for the educators jobs test. All child development pedagogy for exams jobs tests. Pedagogy definition in education in pedagogy translate and teaching pedagogy list of MCQs.

Question 1: Which of the following techniques is used in educational surveys ?
  1. Tests
  2. Interview
  3. Questionnaires
  4. All of the above
Question 2: Teaching by small steps and frequent short assignment techniques are useful for-------- ?
  1. Learning disabled
  2. Slow learners
  3. Educationally backward children
  4. All of the above
Question 3: The technique of classroom management where the teacher punishes negative behaviors by removing an unruly student from the rest of the class is called---------- ?
  1. extinction technique
  2. satiation technique
  3. time out technique
  4. corporal punishment
Question 4: One of the basic principles of socializing individuals is---------- ?
  1. Education
  2. Caste
  3. Imitation
  4. Religion
Question 5: In order to make memory level of teaching a success what should a teacher do ?
  1. Logical sequence should be there in the presentation of subject matter
  2. Recall and rehearsal of the learn material should be done at short intervals
  3. Subject matter should be meaningful and interesting before presenting it to pupils
  4. All of the above
Question 6: The concept of pragmatism in educational philosophy says that education should be about---------- ?
  1. obedience
  2. virtue
  3. life and growth
  4. shaping good citizens
Question 7: How shall you help a student who has failed in the half yearly examination ?
  1. By giving grace marks
  2. By re-teaching difficult concepts
  3. By holding re-examination
  4. By asking parents to arrange private tuition
Question 8: Round Table Discussion involves:----------participants ?
  1. 2-3 participants
  2. 2-8 participants
  3. 3-7 participants
  4. 4-5 participants
Question 9: Bloom’s taxonomy is a set of ---------- learning domains ?
  1. two
  2. three
  3. four
  4. five
Question 10: Plato believed that talent and intelligence are ?
  1. distributed genetically
  2. not distributed genetically
  3. distributed gender-wise
  4. not distributed gender-wise
Question 11: The ---------- is a measure of how spreads out points are from the mean ?
  1. arithmetic mean
  2. geometric mean
  3. standard deviation
  4. variance
Question 12: The Law of Effect can be effectively used in---------- ?
  1. accelerate learning
  2. curriculum development
  3. classroom management
  4. teaching methods
Question 13: A posteriori knowledge is knowledge that is known by-------- ?
  1. analysis
  2. information
  3. experience
  4. evidence
Question 14: For an effective teaching, the teacher must be a subject matter expert that includes ?

    I. command over the subject
    II. the ability to convey knowledge
    III. the ability to apply ideas from one discipline to another

  1. I only
  2. II only
  3. I and II only
  4. I, II and III
Question 15: Success in developing values is mainly development upon--------- ?
  1. Family
  2. Society
  3. Government
  4. Teacher
Question 16: When the teacher checks the students work using multiple sources of information, the task is called----------- ?
  1. Cross-Checking
  2. Cross-matching
  3. Cross-cutting
  4. None of these
Question 17: ---------- is a method where the students ask questions each other during presentations ?
  1. Peer Classification
  2. Oral Questioning
  3. Peer Questioning
  4. Peer Tutoring
Question 18: The affective domain involves---------- ?
  1. learning
  2. knowledge
  3. manner
  4. physical movement
Question 19: As people gets older, the ability of applying or maintain attention--------- ?
  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. stays constant
  4. remains unaffected
Question 20: An assessment that is conducted prior to the start of teaching or instruction is called--------- ?
  1. initial assessment
  2. formal assessment
  3. formative assessment
  4. summative assessment
Question 21: In co-education you:------------ ?
  1. You deal according to need
  2. You give preference to boys over girls
  3. Make separate rows of boys and girls
  4. You give preference to none
Question 22: Epistemology is the branch of philosophy concerned with the theory of-------- ?
  1. education
  2. learning
  3. knowledge
  4. philosophy of education
Question 23: ------- is a student generated list of words maintained by the student’s to remind them of words they need more work on ?
  1. World list
  2. Spelling Notebook
  3. Matching words
  4. None of these
Question 24: According to the philosophy of Idealism in education, the subject matter of curriculum should be---------- ?
  1. mathematics
  2. science
  3. physical world
  4. mind
Question 25: The use of a physical punishment for class management is called---------- ?
  1. extinction technique
  2. satiation technique
  3. time out technique
  4. corporal punishment
Question 26: The instructional approach in which objectives are presented to learners in chronological order is known as ?
  1. Chronological Sequencing
  2. Chronological ordering
  3. Chronological teaching
  4. None of these
Question 27: Those students, who frequently ask questions in the class----------- ?
  1. Should be advised to meet the teacher outside the classroom
  2. Should be encouraged to take part in debates in the class
  3. Should be encouraged to find out the answers on their own
  4. Should be encouraged to ask questions on a continuous basis
Question 28: Good teaching is best reflected by------------ ?
  1. Attendance of students
  2. Number of distinctions
  3. Meaningful questions asked by students
  4. Pin-drop silence in the class
Question 29: Which Is Not The Advantage Of Team Teaching ?
  1. A Better Utilization Of Resources
  2. Better Planning
  3. Better Use Of Teaching Techniques
  4. Better Financial Benefits Of Teacher
Question 30: Teaching will be effective if the teacher ?
  1. Starts from what students know already
  2. Is a master of the subject?
  3. Uses many instructional aids
  4. Has much experience in teaching the subject
Question 31: To raise the standard of education, it is necessary to ---------- ?
  1. to evaluate students continuously
  2. to give high salary to teachers
  3. to revise curriculum
  4. to make good school building
Question 32: Most important work of teacher is---------- ?
  1. to organize teaching work
  2. to evaluate the students
  3. to deliver lecture in class
  4. to take care of children
Question 33: The process of reasoning from one or more given statements to reach a logically certain conclusion is called---------- ?
  1. Deductive Reasoning
  2. Inductive Reasoning
  3. Qualitative Reasoning
  4. Quantitative Reasoning
Question 34: The concept of perennialism in education means school curricula should focus on what is--------- ?
  1. important
  2. everlasting
  3. in demand
  4. in need
Question 35: The application of ideas, knowledge and skills to achieve the desired results is called--------- ?
  1. problem solving
  2. critical thinking
  3. reasoned arguments
  4. deductive method
Question 36: According to famous philosophers, teaching is a/an--------- ?
  1. art
  2. arts
  3. science
  4. technique
Question 37: The psychomotor domain involves---------- ?
  1. learning
  2. knowledge
  3. manner
  4. physical movement
Question 38: Women are given preferences in teaching of primary children ?
  1. She is emotionally understanding
  2. She can also cry
  3. Students don’t get scared
  4. Men don’t like this profession
Question 39: Discovery teaching is actually a-------- ?
  1. Positivist approach
  2. Dialectical approach
  3. Constructivist approach
  4. Destructive approach
Question 40: When instruction is delivered by a person close in age or achievement to the person receiving instruction, the process is known as ?
  1. Individual tutoring
  2. Peer Coaching
  3. Peer Tutoring
  4. None of these
Question 41: Responses that produce a discomforting effect become ------------ to occur again in that situation ?
  1. not likely
  2. equally likely
  3. less likely
  4. more likely
Question 42: According to Jean Piaget, children are no longer egocentric when entering----------- ?
  1. Sensorimotor stage
  2. Preoperational stage
  3. Concrete operational stage
  4. Formal operational stage
Question 43: To study the functioning of the unconscious mind, which of the following techniques can be most profitably used ?
  1. Situational tests
  2. Projective techniques
  3. Case studies
  4. Personality inventories
Question 44: Any method of teaching which involves two or more students, can be termed as--------- ?
  1. Class task
  2. Group Work
  3. Class work
  4. Group task
Question 45: Curriculum revision should be a/an ---------- process ?
  1. abrupt
  2. continuous
  3. gradual
  4. relative
Question 46: If one child gives answers to all the Questions at first in your class but disturbs the rest of the children and roams here and there in the class then what will you do ?
  1. Tell him not to do like that
  2. Punished him
  3. Engage that child in more activities than rest of the children of the class so that he may learn new things
  4. Complain the guardians that his child is breaking the discipline
Question 47: On which basis the ability of teachers can be judged ?
  1. To fulfill the needs of the students
  2. Personality of the teacher
  3. Period of the service
  4. Publication of the books
Question 48: According to John Dewey, school is a ---------- institution, and education is a ---------- process ?
  1. social, philosophical
  2. social, social
  3. philosophical, philosophical
  4. environmental, psychological
Question 49: The person is influential communicator if ?
  1. He is a comedian characteristic
  2. If his communication is very clear
  3. If he communicates in his mother tongue
  4. If he has dramatic characteristic
Question 50: Developing new rules and principles on the basis of given facts and information in memory level is called--------- ?
  1. Association
  2. Generalization
  3. Application
  4. Assimilation


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