Monday, 26 November 2018

Punjab Board 5th Class English Chapter Wise Notes

Hello Students I am sharing with you solved 5th Class All chapter wise  English Subject notes with Solved Answers. In All Pakistan Punjab board of educations in final exams mostly questions are repeated.

File:Solved All Chapters of Pakistan Punjab Board Fully solved Chapter Wise Notes.svg
Punjab Board Pakistan 5th Class Notes English

Here i am shearing with you most important questions with answers of Objective type MCQs that are also important for the upcoming exams of fifth class. In Pakistan all Punjab board examination have objective and subjective type questions.

Short questions contained 2 marks of each question Answer, But long question contained 7 to 10 marks. All of these MCQs of solved questions List type of each MCQs. These MCQs can be contained solutions.

5th Class English Chapters List Solution Punjab Board Exams:

1. The Holy Prophets S.A.W Journey To Taif

2. Childs Hymn

3. Cold Cure

4. Listen To Others

5. The Truthful

6. Water is Precious

7. The Worlds Music

8. Father Of Nation

9. Emperor Penguins

10. A Picnic Party

These are the most important MCQs solutions of all Ten Chapters of 5th Class Punjab  board Pakistan chapter wise solved short questions and also solved short type MCQs List with solved Answers.


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